Space Sass - SET

Space Sass - SET

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This Space Sass SET is a bold symbol of cosmic empowerment and rebellion, unapologetically expressing herself. With SPACE SASS by your side, you too can defy societal expectations, challenge stereotypes, and redefine yourself however you see fit.
And remember: in space, no one can tell you to smile.

This set includes:
LE 40 - "Monster Sass" - Ano metal
LE 30 - "Queen Sass" - Blue plated metal
LE 20 - "Legally Sass" - Black nickel metal

This set purchase also gives you a chance at LE10 GV: Alien Sass.

US shipping is included, international will be extra with my eternal thanks and love.
Good luck, we are all rooting for you here at Inkshift HQ!

2.75" with transparent epoxy
Triple Posted