Speedo Frog activities! Eating pizza! having a mustache! Downward Frog!

Speedo Frog Activity Sticker sheet!

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INTRODUCING: Speedo Activity Sticker sheets!
Is a frog’s Speedo water tight? Why, yes it is! Not only that, it’s also bullet proof and lava resistant. 
As for this 6” x 4” sticker sheet, well, it’s ALMOST as good as that: it’s dishwasher proof, weather proof, laminated and should stand the test of time as much as Speedo has.

It comes with 6 Speedo stickers to enhance your (impending) summery fun! Stick em wherever you like, or hold onto them forever because you have sticker anxiety. I won’t judge you and neither will Speedo Frog because he loves you and he knows you’re doing the best you can. Forehead kiss! (if you consent)