Speedo Frog sticker sheet! Riding a lily pad! Receiving a text message?? Sending love out into the world!

Speedo Frog sticker sheet: Fun in the sun

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INTRODUCING: Speedo Sticker sheets!
Is a frog’s Speedo water tight? Why, yes it is! Not only that, it’s also bullet proof and lava resistant. 
As for this 6” x 4” sticker sheet, well, it’s ALMOST as good as that: it’s dishwasher proof, weather proof and should stand the test of time as much as Speedo has.

It comes with 6 Speedo stickers to enhance your (impending) summery fun! Stick em wherever you like, or hold onto them forever because you have sticker anxiety. I won’t judge you and neither will Speedo Frog because he loves you and he knows you’re doing the best you can. Forehead kiss! (if you consent) 

Ships free in the US. International is extra.